A Student Of The College Of Architecture Planning & Landscape Architecture Essay

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As a student of the College of Architecture Planning & Landscape Architecture (CAPLA), we are provided with numerous opportunities to attend sessions related to architecture that can further our knowledge about different topics related to this art form. However, it is very noticeable that few take advantage of these opportunities even when most of these events are free to attend. Because of this, it leads me to look at 2 different flyers from recent events to try to understand how these advertising materials work and how they try to convince and encourage people to attend the events that are being promoted. The first piece of advertisement is a flyer for a session about traditional Tucson crafts with a contemporary design. Lastly, I will investigate a flyer about women in sustainability and feminist organizations. To fully understand this writing genre, I will look for patterns in the strategies being used, the design of each flyer and the choices each designer made to make their product more appealing. ArandaLasch (See figure 1) The first handout is about architects Chris Lasch and Ben Aranda, basket weaver Terrol Dew Johnson. These professionals are highlighting the blending of traditional crafts with contemporary designs. The crafts ranged from baskets to architecture with inspiration from the Sonoran Desert. This is a free event in which is open to the public but it is mainly intended for people who are familiar with crafts and architecture, which are two of the oldest

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