A Student Should Get A Good Scholarship Or College Enrollment

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A single test should not be the determinant in if a student should get a good scholarship or go to college. Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened to American society; the colleges of the United States care more about a single test score than how intelligent a person really is. This makes it to where only those with money can truly do well with national tests, the tests can increase racial divide, all the while, saying those with “low test scores” do poorly on the SAT and/or ACT. Tests should not be the determining factor in if someone should continue their education or if they are not “qualified” enough to contract more knowledge. Knowledge and education should be free, but it is far from that. Evidence of this very truth can…show more content…
As evidence shows, this not only furthers a socio-economical divide amongst all of the US, but as well as a racial divide. Even though the United States of America has seemingly grown from its conflicted past, there is still racial division abound and it is starting with education. According to Jeffery Young and his paper, Researches Charge Racial Bias on the SAT, we are shown that the SAT is made in such a way that it favors white test takers rather than being an overall fair test. It has been shown that on some question, “white test takers consistently pick the right answer, while black and Hispanic student trip up” and on other questions the minority groups tend to perform better than the white test takers (Racial bias, 1). Combine these questions with the Educational Testing Services, ETS, rules for building a standardized test, “the only questions that end up on the SAT are ‘white-preference’ questions” or at least according to Jay Rosner, who is the executive director of the Princeton Review Foundation, a program that’s seeks to help the more impoverished students with their standardized testing scores (Racial Bias, 1). Rosner
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