A Student Taking a Gap Year is Conceivable Essay

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The Gap year, taking a year off from college to work, travel or volunteer, has been growing in popularity in recent years in the US. This practice began in Britain in the 1960’s, and has spread to other parts of the world. Deciding to take Gap year after graduating high school, during or after college is a realistic alternative for students who are unsure of their true aspirations for the future. Having this time is a worthwhile and sometimes life-changing alternative, when the student feels bored or burnt out and looking for a break from the demands of school and learning. During this Gap year, students can engage in: advanced academic courses, language studies, learning a trade, volunteer, travel and work, internships, sports and more.…show more content…
This helps a student to be more focused and better prepared for the rigors of academic life. According to the article “Gap year”, it is a fulfilling time for high school graduates. Young people who take a year off, have already encountered some liberties; then go on to college and are less likely to head for the nearest keg. Students are more directed academically because they have spent some time thinking and growing up (Simpson). When students plan to attend college, it is preferable to apply and get accepted, and then ask for a one year deferment, experts say. Many schools allow or even encourage students to defer their admission while taking their Gap year (Torpey 30). The Center of Interim Programs (CIP - Founded in 1980) is the ideal place for a young adult to search for a wide range of gap-year opportunities. CIP has developed and built relationships with over 6,000 programs worldwide; guiding people through the process of identifying reputable placements, securing those placements, and adjusting to the changes that inevitably happens as individuals take on new experiences that rejuvenate their lives. Examples of options available are: volunteering, jobs, language schools, wilderness excursions, research trips and much more. A very popular choice for students to gain invaluable talents, is AmeriCorps (Domestic), and the Peace Corps (Overseas – over 60 countries). Both these organizations are highly recommended places to
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