A Student Who Was A Victim Of Theft !

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The tearful lament of a student who was a victim of theft!
I am a simple student. One who is not very popular or hails from a very prominent well-to-do family. It was the holidays, and all I wanted was to make some money. Money to enable me pay-off a debt I owed a friend. Apparently he wanted me to pay him back after the laptop I had borrowed from him was stolen in my possession. Money to give me the deep satisfaction of helping my family cope with the daily life expenses. Money that would enable me to purchase trendy clothes so that I could have a satisfying feeling of fitting-in among the youth in my school. They were my dreams and plans. A fragment of hope clouded me when I secured employment over the school holidays-for I had a chance to make the money I so much yearned.
Now, all that hope remains to be hope, and not fulfilled dreams. My life is a nightmare. I sit down in my room. My eyes wet with tears as I reminisce on that fateful day. Mixed feelings fill my heart. Is it grief? Is it sorrow? Is it confusion? Is it disappointment? Is it regret? Is it hate? Is it rage? My answer is ‘Yes ' to all the above. The feelings pierce my heart and soul at different rates. Perhaps it was my fate! I try to console myself. However, it just raises another question: Why did they have to rob me?
The joy I felt as I received an envelope with my salary is inexpressible through words. The joy I felt as I travelled back home can only be compared to the happiness of the King. Oh my

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