A Student With A Learning Disability

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Meiling is a 6th grade student attending Northeast Middle School. As a result of the reevaluation conducted on December of 2015, she is currently identified as a student with a Specific Learning Disability in Basic Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Mathematics Computation, and Mathematics Problem Solving as well as a Speech and Language Impairment. Meiling receives academic support twice in a six-day cycle with the learning support teacher. She is in an itinerant learning support classroom and the learning support teacher is with her in all academic classes. REEVALUATION INPUT: Meiling obtained an overall Full Scale IQ score within the Extremely Low Range, as reflected by a standard score of 63. Meiling’s performance produced a standard score of 70. Standardized Achievement Assessment Standard Score & Qualitative Description ORAL LANGUAGE COMPOSITE Listening Comprehension 72 (61-83) Below Average READING SOUND SYMBOL COMPOSITE 71 (65-77) Below Average Phonological Processing 76 (67-85) Below Average Nonsense Word Decoding 73 (67-79) Below Average DECODING COMPOSITE 68 (64-72) Low Letter & Word Recognition 65 (59-71) Low Nonsense Word Decoding 73 (67-79) Below Average READING FLUENCY COMPOSITE 72 (64-80) Below Average Silent Reading Fluency 82 (71-93) Below Average Word Recognition Fluency 76 (63-89) Below Average Decoding Fluency 66 (53-79) Below Average WIAT-III Reading Fluency assessment results Oral Reading Fluency 79 (72-86)
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