A Student With Williams Syndrome

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For a student with Williams Syndrome they continue to fall behind with development and maturity behind their peers. Students begin to struggle with fitting in because their social skills are less appropriate. Their interests are not as varied as their peers which makes it a greater challenge socially. Students can have increased anxiety and depression and they “don’t understand why they’re different” (fact sheet). Students with Williams Syndrome have decreasing activity levels, but they continue to acquire new skills. Students in high school with Williams Syndrome still need to work on skills that they have been working on throughout their schooling. Skills that are continuing to develop are strong computer skills such as using email to submit assignments and using video and web based supports to increase comprehension. For students they need to continue to uses audio books for reading. As mentioned throughout the paper people with Williams Syndrome have a variety of different supports given to them. Children from birth to age 3 are covered for additional support under an early intervention program. IDEA “mandates a public education for all eligible children that makes the school responsible for providing the supports and services that will allow this to happen”. (http://www.wschanginglives.org/) Students with Williams Syndrome are also able to be on an IEP throughout their entire school careers. In many schools, children with Williams Syndrome have access to
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