A Student 's Experience Of School And Education

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Environments such as schools shapes an individual’s identity, perception, and experiences. At an early age, children are placed into schools because it is required by law for a child to receive education once they comes of age. It suggest that attending schools changes how a student sees not only himself, but other students in terms of their culture, motivation, opportunity and more since it plays a large part early on in students’ lives. This awareness changes how students perceive school and education. A student’s experience of school changes as their perception of school and education changes. Ultimately, changing how students see themselves in a school environment. There are many aspects of school that are influential toward a student’s experience, but I will argue that a teachers’ curriculum plays a large role in shaping these students identity, perception and experiences. First of all, I have seen in my investigated assignment culture plays an important role in defining individual’s identity and our self-worth in the school system. It is crucial to explore these topics before talking about the curriculum in schools. In many cultures there are hidden rules; each group and economic class uses these unspoken cues and habits of a group to survive. Instinctively people use these hidden rules to survive and often prefer these to an ideology taught in school. Therefore, it is crucial to create the right environment where all students perceive education as a useful tool that
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