A Student 's Iep Team Is Responsible For Developing Their Individualized Education Program ( Iep )

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A student’s IEP team is responsible for developing their Individualized Education Program (IEP). IDEA requires that a team of people participate in the child’s IEP meeting and that each of those individuals are provide opportunity to provide valuable input about the child and their education. IDEA requires that the IEP be made up of the student’s parents and the student if it is found to be appropriate. There should also be no less than one regular education teacher if the child is participating in the regular education setting or may be taking part in the regular education setting in the future. The student’s special education teacher, a representative of the local educational agency, someone who posses the training and ability to interpret the evaluation results, and other individuals who have knowledge or expertise regarding the student (typically related service providers) are required to be at the child’s IEP team meetings (Wrightslaw, 2015). Each person on the IEP team holds a special role and their participation is vital in developing an IEP and making educational decisions about a student. Their roles are as follows:
• The student with a disabilities helps identify their needs and areas that they feel they may need additional support with. They are able to also communicate to the IEP team their goals and desires in regards to their education (The IRIS Center, for Training Enhancements, 2010).
• A parents role on the team is share their knowledge about…
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