A Study Based On Personal Interests And Literature Review

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Studying sociology is to understand social action that can have an explanation of causes and effects. In order to understand the social action, scholars need to conduct a research prior to interpret the phenomenon at the specific study area. However, conducting a research, researchers need to complete many tasks, such as development of a research question, selection of research methodology, development of questionnaires, data collection, data analyse and research report writing. This paper outlines the steps of development of a research question. First part of this paper, I will present a possible way of development of a research question. Second, I will explain the reasons why I select a research topic for my study based on personal interests and literature review. Third, I will present a possible method research and explain why I select that research methodology and I will demonstrate the strengths and limitations of the method research. Last part of this paper, I will point out key issues, debates and controversies related to the research area of the proposed study through social context and ethical norms of the research. I shall start with the first section of this paper. First task for researchers to conduct research is to identify a research question. A good research depends on a good research question. However, there is no magic bullet way to develop a research question. Some scholars suggest some steps of formulating a research question: identifying a research topic
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