A Study Conducted By Greenwood

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A study conducted by Greenwood (2013), sought to identify if frequency in which individuals utilize social media platforms were driven by the desire to be famous. This is inline with Davila et al. (2012) thoughts regarding corumination. Furthermore, this experiment takes the upward comparison mentioned by Vogel et al. (2014) and applies it intrinsically to adolescents. In order to remain relevant with their peers, adolescents will put on a façade in which they are living a glamorous life. The experimenter measured the participants attitude towards fame and the perceived perks of an elite lifestyle. Adolescents were given a form in which they identified their number of friends, the rate at which they post, how often they browse accounts, the number of celebrities they follow and the reason they have a social media account. Next, they were given a quiz, which measured their desire to be popular. Results of the study indicate that individuals who yearned to be famous were extremely active across all social media platforms in an attempt to garner admiration. Those who scored high on the desire to be a celebrity were the most frequent users of social media in order to garner visibility. Some of the tactics they reported using included promoting their skills or talent through social media postings and commenting on established celebrity’s photographs and status updates. The experimenter assessed that these attempts are to garner their 10 minutes of fame. Individuals who…
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