A Study Conducted By Mazor, Hampers, Chande, And Krug

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Article 3 A study conducted by Mazor, Hampers, Chande, and Krug (2002) investigated whether training providers in medical Spanish would increase family satisfaction with pediatric emergency department healthcare providers in families that only speak Spanish. All participants scored low in Spanish proficiency prior to the study. They hypothesized that increasing language knowledge and CC would increase patient satisfaction with their provider. The study involved nine providers who engaged two-hour weekly training sessions for 10 consecutive weeks. Patient scenarios and tests were conducted to aid in training. One-hundred-and-forty-three Latino patients’ families filled out pre-test questionnaires one month prior to the training start date to assess satisfaction with their provider. They also completed questionnaires regarding their English proficiency. Participating physicians filled out a measure for their use of interpreters during appointments. The questionnaire consisted of closed-ended items to which patients responded using a 5-point Likert scale. The same questionnaires were provided as a post-test measure one month following the 10 weeks of training. Additionally, participating physicians filled out questionnaires after each patient appointment to measure their use of interpreters. From this data, Mazor et al. (2002) discovered that there was improved communication between the providers and the families. Additionally, the researchers found decreased use of

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