A Study Of A Large Coastal Development Project

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In his text To the Beach: Community Conservation and Its Role in Sustainable Development Thor Kerr presents an illustrative and case study of a large coastal development project in Southern Australia. The framing of this coastal project is indicative of production operating under the ideology of ecological modernization, which functions with the assumption that science and technology can provide the solutions to ecological crisis with the help of economic agents such as innovators, entrepreneurs and technologists (Mol 1997). Ecological modernization is accompanied by the transfer of power to knowledgeable experts who are perceived as being best equipped to develop appropriate solutions to ecological crises(). Opponents of ecological modernization posit that this approach it does not address the flaws of capitalist production and likely results in unsustainable growth as “green technologies” encourage further consumerism by making consumption feel more ethical. In Thor Kerr’s case study of a failed development project near the port city of Freemantle in Western Australia, we can see how ecological modernization functions in the context of a large residential and commercial development project, and the particular challenges of framing production as carbon- neutral.
The proposed construction site for the development North Port Quay (NPQ) is Rous Head in North Freemantle. NPQ was supported by developer’s in Perth, who envisioned a community of 20,000 living on reclaimed…
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