A Study Of Body Movement, Language And Gestures

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Kinesics are the study of body movement, language and gestures. A lot of it is done unconsciously, meaning unnoticed, by either yourself or by disregarding other’s actions. Kinesics are context and situationally determined. This changes how one views the communication or, applies the information transmitted. Different cultures use their own kinds of kinesics. A lot of differences are also seen through the relational structures of interactions between content through, subcultures and micro cultures. Structures that appear through kinesics are; power distance, physical, spacial, and controlled interaction. Also including gestures like: artifacts, eye movement/behaviour and vocalics such as speech and sounds acting as nonverbal’s. Gestures benefit the receiver and sender, often taking the place of words. This type of nonverbal communication can be used to convey an understanding, aid in revealing complex ideas and to get attention. Gestures can be done to show listening and comprehension, such as a head nod. These can also help to explain, answer or promote what is being said verbally in a visual way. An example of this would be in a conversation with someone. The person speaking may gestures money by rubbing their fingers to their thumb, to highlight the subject of money which is being spoken upon. Another example would be in the discussion of distance or large size extending hands and arms out from the body, thus emphasizing the extreme amount being discussed. Paul
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