A Study Of Consumer 's Investment Essay

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TERM PAPER REPORT On ‘’MARKETING STRATERGIE OF BISLERI’’ By PRAGATI A3146913009 B.COM(HONS)EVENING 2013-16 Under the supervision of:- faculty Guide :- Dr. ILA CHATURVEDI (Assistant professor) Amity college of commerce & finance Amity University Uttar Pradesh Sector 125 NOIDA CERTIFICATE MS. ILA CHATURVEDI HERE BY CERTIFY THAT PRAGATI STUDENT OF BACHELOR OF COMMERCE & (HONS) AT AMITY COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & FINANCE, AMITY UNIVERSITY UTTAR PRADESH HAS COMPLETED THE PROJECT REPORT ON –MARKETING STRATERGIES OF BISLERI, UNDER MY GUIDANCE. MS. ILA CHATURVEDI (ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I Pragati of B.com(Hons) would like to express my sincere thanks to amity university for giving me the opportunity to carry out a research on the topic ‘’a study of consumer ‘s investment in india’’.The whole period spent in making has been immense learning experience about the Indian stock market. I sincerely thank ms. ILA CHATURVEDI for providing me this valuable learning opportunity and who helped me throughout while preparing the report ,without her help and guidance the completion of this project would have become a difficult task. Thankyou Pen Downed by : PRAGATI B.COM(HONS) introduction Water is the most crucial liquid on the planet .without water ,there would be no life ,at any
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