A Study Of Current System Essay

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2.1: Study of current system
The current system consists of manually carrying out all the tasks such as
: telephonic communications regarding need of blood,
: searching the blood from storage,
: retrieving the required blood group,
: performing necessary documentations and
: delivering the blood.
This raises the cost and time required to a considerable extent. Moreover, the efficiency is reduced .
Sometimes, due to technical errors the blood delivered may be unhealthy but still it is given to the patient in need causing altogether more complications.
The manual transmission might prove in vain if the blood group isn’t available at the blood bank. It wastes the passing time to a greater extent as after the end of checking the availability, still the seeker has to undergo the whole procedure again along with travelling to another blood bank.
The worst case scenario takes place when the blood banks in that area doesn’t contain the required blood group. The time gets wasted and also in the end you do not get what was required.
As a result, keeping such problems in mind and many more a solution had to be thought of.

2.2: Problems and weaknesses of current system
: At present, the public can only know about the blood donation events through conventional media means such as radio, news paper or television advertisements. There is no information regarding the blood donation programs available on any of the portal.
: The current system that is using by the blood bank is
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