A Study Of Facebook Profile Pictures

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A Study of Facebook Profile Pictures Following the November 2015 Paris Attacks
The Introduction The topic of mass shootings and terrorist attacks has been of particular attention to the American public this year. But the huge event that has truly shocked Americans was the November 13th attacks on Paris. In just a half hour gunmen and suicide bombers hit a concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars, and left 130 people dead and almost four hundred wounded. The attacks on Paris monopolized the media, and soon no one found themselves ignorant of the events that occurred on that Friday the 13th. Immediately the world turned to France, and for the first time Americans were able to repay the French for their empathy shown after the tragedies on 9/11. In a method previously reserved for domestic issues, Facebook began to offer an option to its users. Patrons had the option to layer the French flap over their profile picture for as long as the user wished to use it. This action was offered as a way to stand in solidarity with France during their time of mourning.
The Purpose Being a Facebook user, I found myself experiencing this campaign for solidarity first-hand. I was immediately intrigued by this, and wondered if the phenomenon would become as popular as I predicted. It went above and beyond all expectation. While scrolling through a Newsfeed it became out of the ordinary to find a profile picture without the French filter. These events in…

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