A Study Of Gond Tribe : Livelihood Opportunities And Challenges

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Research is a systematized body of knowledge. The reliability and legitimacy of research findings depend upon methodological framework engaged. Methodology is logic of scientific investigation. This chapter deals the methodology part which helped formulation of the study in systematic manner. It begins with research design, the methodology approved to gain the objectives of the present study also presents the features of the area and the region; the data collection method got the tool which has used for collect data and the data analysis done. Therefore the present study on, “A Study of Gond Tribe: Livelihood Opportunities and challenges. has an elaborate methodological process with analytical techniques achieving the set of objectives.
Rationale of the study
The rationale behind the research on Gond Tribe in Gondia is to understand the socio-economic condition and livelihood opportunity and challenges in so called modernised country. Gondia which comes under Vidarbha region which is known as capital of forest since it was called as Berar region under the central provinces. While studying for the same I found the literature gap on the Gond tribes which were ruler in the early 18th century and played an important role in the process of urbanisation by formulating the District called Nagpur. Historically they are the residents of the Vidarbha and have fought for the rights of peoples of Berar region in the early 18th century with British and Marathas. And even

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