A Study Of Heredity, What Our Parents And Ancestors Pass On Essay

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The study of heredity, what our parents and ancestors pass on, to make us a one of a kind human being. The science and statistics behind becoming a person is truly fascinating. However even starting all the way back to conception, we begin to become unique. The most common comparison to similarities is more than likely seeing similarities between a child and the two parents. Whether someone has the same eyes as their mother, or the work ethic of their father, children share most qualities with their parents. However, the process of how your body chooses qualities from each parent is actually quite simple, but how the parents got their qualities to give to their offspring is a large pedigree. To start from the root of genetics, what is the definition? The definition of genetics on Dictionary.com is; “Biology. the science of heredity, dealing with resemblances and differences of related organisms resulting from the interaction of their genes and the environment.”(Dictionary.com) Genetics is a branch of Biology, so to understand how genetics makes us who we are, we must have an understanding of what makes genetics work. Genes, the prefix of genetics, are what makes our physical and mental character. Belk & Borden state in Biology, Science for Life with Physiology, “A life cycle is the process of the growth and reproduction of an individual.” (Belk, Borden, 134). To start from the beginning, conception. Each normal sperm and egg cell (gametes) carries “directions” on how to…
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