A Study Of Life Span Development

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Have you ever asked yourself, who am I? What makes me the individual that I am today? Well, you are not alone. Many individuals have been trying to figure out why they have certain characteristics or why they did not have those leadership or charismatic traits that they wish they could have. All these questions can be explored through the study of life-span development. Within this science, we can explore the factors that influence who you are with identity development, gender, stereotypes, ethnicity and culture.
Identity is what makes the individual. The uniqueness, such as specific traits ranging from religious to intelligence. Despite having the same parents, even siblings have different identity. One sibling might posses more intellectual, and athletic traits than the other, while the other one is complete opposite. But having this unique set of traits is what makes us as an individuals. It’s what distinguishes between you and the world. If everyone would have had the same identity then we would not have evolved. We would have not discovered all these scientific achievements throughout history. There wouldn’t be all-stars or hall of fame sports athletes in history. Having different qualities as an individual is what sets you apart and makes up the person you are today. Of course, you might ask yourself, why do I hold these specific set of traits or why do I act this way?
These questions have even been asked as early during adolescent years. During…

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