A Study Of Mental Disorders Among The Homeless

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According to a study of Mental Disorders among the Homeless, there are around 740,000 individual’s homeless in the United States alone at any given night. Homelessness is everywhere, yet it is unseen. And yet at the same time American’s everywhere often take what they have for granted, especially the roof over their heads. Anna Quindlen discusses these issues in her article “Homeless”. She writes about a woman she met at a bus terminal one day. The woman‘s bag and raincoat were covered in grime, her name was Ann, and she was homeless. Suddenly, it is then when Quindlen writes that to her, the world’s worse problem is how many people are living without homes. She often emphasizes throughout her essay how home is more than just a simply a house- it’s a place woven with memories, a place of certainty. “That is everything”, she writes. Quindlen also goes on to write that our home is something we’ve been taking for granted in recent days, and stresses that the homeless should be viewed as a collection of individuals with no homes, instead of blemish on society. I agree with Quindlen. Society often view the homeless as a collection of “crazy” people who are there of their own mistakes. Instead of shaming those who are forced to live on the streets, we should be trying to better understand why these people are homeless.
Almost all of us in some way can more than likely relate to Quindlens article. We’ve all gone without something we want at some point in our lives; a cell phone,…
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