A Study Of Non Invasive Measurement Techniques

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Abstract—Diabetes is considered to be one of the major health care epidemics of modern era. The determination of blood glucose concentration using the self-monitoring blood glucose devices involves the chemical analysis of blood samples taken by pricking the finger or extracting blood from forearm. The pain, discomfort and inconvenience in the current invasive method have led to the feasibility study of non-invasive measurement techniques.
In this paper, an optical method using NIR technique based on occlusion spectroscopy is used which shows that it can be possible to measure glucose concentration in blood non-invasively.

Keywords: Non-invasive, spectroscopy, euglycemia, hypoglycaemia.
By using the Monte Carlo method, Katsuhiko et al. (2003) has developed a non-invasive system using near infrared [4]. To detect the glucose level, fibre optic probes was developed that consist of a source and detector optical fibres. Both source and detector are separated by 0.65 mm, placed on the skin surface. They reported that the correlation coefficient of blood glucose predicted by near infrared and finger prick was 0.928 with a standard error of prediction of 32.2 mg/dL [4]. Another research based on near infrared has been done by Ilan Gabriely, MD et al. (1999) [5].

They were using transcutaneous near infrared spectroscopy system to monitor blood glucose levels during euglycemia and hypoglycaemia. The results proved that near infrared can be used to predict the glucose levels in
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