A Study Of Nosql Implementation Techniques

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A Study of NoSQL Implementation Techniques Utilized in Facilitating Business Intelligence

Group #2
Meghana Balihallimath
Yadnesh Bandekar
Sri Kartheek Dalapathi
Sarah Fulkerson
Manikandan Narayanan
Claudia Rodriguez

INSY 5337
May 5, 2015

Abstract: Introduction to NoSQL
NoSQL databases are a significant departure from the relational model that has dominated the business world for the past few decades. Standing for “Not Only SQL,” these products are all some variation of a non-relational, key-value pair database, and they are becoming very popular with companies that use Big Data and prioritize speed or availability over consistency of data.
There are four main types of NoSQL databases. The simplest NoSQL databases
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These databases rely on the internal metadata of the documents in order to index the data, which may vary from document to document. Finally, graph databases excel at dealing with data that is highly interconnected, such as the relationships on a social networking site. The database consists of nodes which store both data and metadata about the relationship of the node to other nodes. Graph databases are frequently limited by the need to embed the entire database on one device.
In this paper, we explore a popular example of each type of database and examine what kinds of problems these products are best suited to solve.

Key-Value Databases: Redis
A key-value database is a type of unstructured database designed for very fast retrieval of information. The data is referred to as the “value” and is linked to by a unique “key” which can be composed of several different data types. It is quite different from a relational database in that it does not store values in tables, rows or columns. A relational database “User” table might look something like this:
ID First Name Last Name
1 Abc Efg
2 Hij Klm
3 Nop qrs

Let’s say we want to create database table for User records, but the information differs from user to user. Using a key-value DB, the records might look something like the following:

Key: 1 ID :
Kevin88 First Name: Sam
Key: 2 Google mail: Location: London Age: 37
Key: 3 Mavs ID: Last Name:
Mannone Status :
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