A Study Of Organizational Behavior

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Introduction to UBS : UBS is present in all Major financial centers worldwide, they have offices in more than 50 Countries in the world with about 35% of its employees working in the Americas, 36% in Switzerland, 17% in the rest of Europe, the middle east and 12% in Asia Pacific. UBS has about 60000 Employees working for the organization, it has its share listed on six Swiss exchanges and the New York stock exchanges which is also called as NYSE. They serve Private, Corporate and institute all over the world, they also aim at being world’s leading wealth manager and being top universal bank in Switzerland , as well as the retail clients in Switzerland, It always aims at providing high level financial advice and solution to its shareholders, Their vision is to be recognized for creating superior value for their shareholders, Clients, employees and its ambition is to stand out as a bank that is working in the new model for the industry all over. STUDY OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR INTRODUCTION to culture: The study of Organizational Behavior (OB) is related to individuals, group of people working together in teams. The study becomes more challenging when situational factors interact. No two individuals are likely to behave in the same manner in a particular work situation. It is the predictability of a manager about the expected behavior of an individual. There are no absolutes in human behavior. It is the human factor that is contributory to the productivity
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