A Study Of Piaget's Concepts

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The Spatial Relations Test has also been used in the study of Piaget’s concepts in their application to art education.
Studies performed by Morra (2005) in Italy determined the differences in drawing flexibility in four- to nine-year-olds and the main causes for the disparities. In the study, Morra conducted three separate, interrelated experiments on children in northern and southern Italy to form a conclusion on the factors that affect their drawing abilities. In the first experiment, 225 children in an urban environment in northern Italy from the ages of five to nine were divided into five groups that were assigned to different experimental conditions. The groups varied on the presence of a visual model (photograph) and in the
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The groups were divided by the order the drawings were instructed and the presence of a visual aid. The children were tested in very similar conditions as in the first experiment, with variation in the drawing requirements and scoring. They were individually instructed to draw a human standing, one walking, and one running with or without the assistance of three photographs displaying a person doing the related action. An assessment with eleven distinguishing criteria and same two tests, the digit span and Mr. Cucumber, followed the completion of the drawing activity. Morra then performed a third experiment to conclude this study on drawing development.
In the third experiment, 240 children in southern Italy from the ages of four to eight were assessed, this time without the assistance of a visual aid during the drawing exercise. These children were also from an urban environment, but associated with a notably lesser economic status than the previously included subjects. The children were, like the others, tested in a quiet, private environment with no time limit. First, they were instructed to draw the image of a human being. Days later, they returned and were shown four pictures of different kangaroos for a total of fifteen seconds each. They were promptly instructed to draw a picture of a kangaroo without a photograph present. Their drawings were
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