A Study Of Public Administration

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Since Woodrow Wilson (1889) published the article, “a study of public administration”, the main question in the field of public administration is how to govern a democratic and political entity. Given public administration conventionally concerns about civil servants and agencies in the executive branch, one among diverse and essential subfields is bureaucracy and organizational theory. In general, the development of studies on bureaucracy and organizational theory has gone through the period of classical theory to modern theory, and from modern theory to the advent of post-modernism and post-positivism. After historically reviewing the growth of knowledge on this subfield, forces behind the progress are the product of countless and entangled social, economic, political and technological factors.

The classical theory prevailed from the 1880s to 1930s. At the time of the post-Civil War, the dominant canon was Progressivism. In America, the social background is the transition from an agricultural to industrial society. People enjoyed the increase in productivities due to scientific progress and technology applications. But in the meantime, unemployment problems become serious as the replacement of labors with the machines. In the area of politics, the main goal is to fight for corruptions, especially for the spoil system. Until the passage of the Pendleton Act of 1883, the merit system of federal civil service burgeoned. Put it simply, in the ideal of progressivists, a…
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