A Study Of Stylist Magazine

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Throughout this assignment I will be carrying out an in-depth case study of Stylist magazine. This will encompass a detailed analysis of the key aspects of the fashion publication; covering its history, target audience and ownership to ABC figures and competitors. Considering themselves as ‘the only weekly magazine for women with brains ', British publication Stylist has become one of UK 's best-selling women 's magazines since its launch on 7 October 2009. Stylist operates under the same publishing company as brother title, Shortlist- a free weekly magazine for men. This independent publishing company, Shortlist Media Ltd is run by the chief executive, Mike Soutar and have liaised with film producer Matthew Vaughn and French Connection…show more content…
The Advertising team, unsurprisingly, is the largest department within Stylist consisting of ten different Directors and Managers. The Creative Solutions team and Digital team - which is operated by 12 employees- work under the wing of the Advertising wing. Stylist magazine features high end content that includes fashion, travel, beauty, people and careers news. Judging from the general content included in Stylist, such as aging creams, expensive perfumes and its ‘intelligent approach-covering a broader range of culture and tackling issues women face in their professional and personal lives’-it is evident that Stylist succeeds in attracting their intended target audience. Stylist aims to target affluent 20-40 year old female commuters and according to their media kit, Stylist’s typical reader are women of the average age of 33, with 7 out of 10 unmarried and with no children. Despite attracting this particular target audience it can be argued that- with Stylist’s vibrant front covers and fun features such as temporary tattoos,ways to deal with hangovers and make-up tutorials,Stylist is luring in younger readers thus expanding their audience as a whole. For example, the latest issue of Stylist (19th November) stars Lisa Simpson as its front cover
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