A Study Of The Origins And Establishments Of Social Behaviours

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Sociology in its entirety is the study of the origins and establishments of social behaviours. Although this type of study has a far more in depth domain within its theories and methods, the crux of the concept of sociology is an imperative attribute to the main argument that this essay intends to deliberate. This essay will evaluate particular subfields of sociology and explain the essence of social construction of technology and how it intertwines with industrial sociology and sparks many theorists worldwide to argue the fact of whether or not technology is contributing to alienation within the workplaces of contemporary society. The concept of alienation was developed by several sociological theorists, none more so evident than the workings of Karl Marx. This essay intends to discover the answer to this question by drawing upon ideals of either side of the sociological spectrum, drawing of theories of sociological minds, this essay will implement the Harvard referencing system. Social scientists and even economists increasingly begin to warn against the dwindling of community with all kinds of negative consequences. To discover where the model of alienation in communities and social interaction began, it is important to discover the roots of societal erosion. ‘Community was far more established in the social order than in today 's contemporary societies’ (Deacon, cited in Henk De Vos 1977, p. 16). For instance, the notion of gathering food and having to perform day to
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