A Study On A Amazon Like Mobile App For Home Plants

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Same problem from the last quiz: You and your team of 12 people have been asked to develop a“Amazon-like” mobile app for home plants, where users can order various plants for their home.At this point, you have collected your data via ethnographic and empirical approaches. You and your team have done this by participating in plant conferences and workshops as a plant owner,interviewing avid plant owners and winners of major plant competitions, and talking with plant shop owners to understand trends. You have also used surveys and questionnaires and occasional focus groups. Basically, you have completed the elicitation portion of requirements gathering. The timeline for this project still remains at 3 months, and now 1 month has passed to collect data. Describe how you would specifically evaluate the data you have collected. Since I used Ethnography as a research method to collect data, I have data in the form of survey and questionnaire responses, notes and key points from interviews of plant/shop owners and memoing features of system-as-is. Now to evaluate the data collected so far I can create various statistical models based on survey responses. For example, getting statistics of which plants were most liked by plant owners, which plants were purchased the most and the season in which these types of plants were purchased, how many people prefer indoor plants vs outdoor plants etc. These statistical models which are generally in the form of graphs give us a better visual

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