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Starting a business does not necessarily make one a startup founder - as the business may not necessarily be a startup at all! While it may have the potential to make the founder wealthy, it still may be a small business that can become huge in the future. Although these sound similar concepts, startups show up stark differences from conventional small businesses once we understand their fundamentals.

I have had the fortune of being and working with hugely talented and entrepreneurial folks over the last decade, and it has allowed me to closely witness the striking and subtle variations across the different kinds of businesses – from a large enterprise to a startup to a small business. We are experiencing a fast-rising wave of the startup ecosystem these days, and that is enabling entrepreneurs to know more about startups, to dare and dream big, and follow their passions.

Startup founding bars no age, no qualifications or background. If one has the right ideas and the passion to do whatever it takes to get the idea into the hands of customers, this ecosystem now provides the kind of support never seen before.

So as more and more young energetic people take on entrepreneurship, this question keeps popping up in different forums – what is the difference between a startup and a small business? Isn’t a startup a small business? & when it attains a particular size of revenue/employees/customers doesn’t it transition to the large enterprise category? All valid questions – this

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