A Study On A Cognitive Walk Through Has Been Conducted Of A Mobile App

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Assignment 3

Summary -
In this report, a cognitive walk-through has been conducted of a mobile app “gomoney NZ”1 which is a banking application from ANZ bank mainly used for online transactions. A non-user based evaluation method has been used for finding usability problems and determining various solutions in order to prevent them.

The primary task for a banking application is fund transfer, it can be either between users two different accounts or paying a person. In this experiment both the cases has been undertaken which reveals the lack of some user functionalities and usability defects in the app which needs to fix.

A number of tasks were predefined for the user and various aspects of difficulties faced in the path have been
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Along with the advantages, there are many drawbacks related to usability while using such features and functionalities on a mobile device.

Below are some general usability issues observed in mobile phones.4
Small screen sizes - On mobile devices font sizes makes a major concern in usability as mobile has a small screen size which effects the whole rendering of system fonts and thus making an adverse effect in the usability.

Less distance between elements – Due to compactness of mobiles it needs to allocate a lot of elements on the screen which makes people confuse about the next step to be taken in order to complete the action, also it is seen that the element on screen are very close, which makes the screen look overcrowded and results in accident of clicking unwanted buttons.

Advertisements usage – Worldwide use of mobile has been greatly increased in the 21st century and it has given a rise in advertisements on mobile devices, the unwanted pop-ups generated while browsing the web and constant banner advertisement in apps creates an overall bad user experience.
Furthermore, usability issues like cluttering in contents, the inefficiency of the cascading menu, speech-recognition resulting in incorrect device output.
As mobile being a huge platform consisting of millions of applications, not everything can be

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