A Study On A Drop Essay

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NARY A DROP TO DRINK . 1) List and discuss the ten main uses that humans have for water. The ten main uses that humans have water for are as following: 1. Domestic- this is one of the main uses of water. Such as drinking water, washing clothes, dishes, cars, bathing, preparing your food, brushing your teeth, flushing the toilet, etc. It is estimated that 15% of worldwide water use is for household purposes. 2. Agricultural- water is used for the growing of our foods. Much of our fresh water is also used outdoors for watering lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. The agricultural sector is by far the biggest user of freshwater. It is estimated that 69% of worldwide water is used for irrigation. 3. Recreation- water is needed for swimming, fishing, and canoeing, boating, rafting and for anything possible in water. 4. Transportation- Transportation is yet another way that we use water. Also, people use boats and ferries to travel to and from work every day and cruise ships or just going sailing. 5. Industrial- water is used by industries to generate electricity, transport people and goods and manufacture things. It is estimated that 15% of worldwide water use is industrial. These include power plants, that uses water for cooling or as a power source (i.e. hydroelectric plants), and oil refineries, which uses water in the chemical procedures, and manufacturing plants, that use water as a solvent. 6. Environmental- water is used for
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