A Study On A Peek Into Retirement

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A Peek into Retirement The purpose of this paper is to provide an opportunity to explore the social, cultural, health and economic issues pertaining to the older adult, specifically the older adults interviewed for this paper, and this includes their preparation for, subsequent adjustment to, and special needs and concerns of retirement. The information that follows in this paper, is taken directly from the two interviewees, a male and a female who differ greatly in age, and two nursing journal articles that relate to a common issue they both express in there interviews. The two individuals interviewed for this paper are, I.W and D.D. I.W. is an eighty-five year old woman who lives with her daughter, her son in law, and granddaughter. She is a spirited upbeat woman who spends her days doing the household duties of cleaning up, dishes, laundry, ironing, and she also loves her shows on lifetime, as well as reading romance novels. We conducted her survey at her home in Virginia Beach, specifically in her kitchen, since she is unable to drive anyplace on her own, and she just happens to be the grandmother of someone very close. There is this ease to the interview with I.W., and she is very interested in helping to answer any questions to the best of her ability, even though she retired several years prior. The other interviewee, D.D., is a sixty-five year old man who lives with his wife. His wife is sick with cancer and is in and out of the hospital with infections and…
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