A Study On Alzheimer 's Project

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Alzheimer’s Project As we get older as time goes on there are multiple hardships that a human encounter and a major one is Alzheimer’s disease. As I chose to pursue a nursing degree I realize that I will see this disease in my future career and I also recognize that it is one of the hardest to cope with. I’m aware that I will be working with the elderly and it is highly likely that a few might have the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. This disease puts stress not only on the patient but also on the caregivers which most likely end up being family. They watch a person they knew their entire life change into a totally different person and they have to deal with the fact that there is nothing they can do about it. They only have the ability to remember how that person used to be and realize that the individual with AD didn’t choose to change into the person they are now. The person you once knew can control their emotions or actions. They say things and do things that they never would have done or said before. Aging is a hard to deal with and adding a disease to the mix can take a hefty toll not only on the individual but on the family as well. Alzheimer’s disease takes a person away from their family because they are not the person they used to be. There are treatments that can help the symptoms but it can bring the person you knew back. In this paper I will research the various symptoms of the disease as well as the diagnosis and the treatment. I will also expand on the
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