A Study On Bcd Tofu

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BCD Tofu is a soon tofu chain restaurant in Koreatown known for its quality and cheap prices. My friends and I had already been a couple of times, and it had become one of the cornerstones of college food outings. One night, six of us decided to take an Uber there, just to find out there was an outrageous two hour wait to eat the $10 dish. Instead of waiting idly, we consulted Yelp and found a four star dumpling and noodle place a few blocks down to eat at instead. Nowadays, I check Yelp before going anywhere to see what’s good in the area. In a world where we have quick and easy access to information through the internet, “Yelp it” has become a common refrain among consumers. Nowadays, I check Yelp before going anywhere. Yelp is a social media site whose main draw is that it houses reviews of businesses written by the average customer. Yelp filters reviews to ensure that its site remains trustworthy and dependable, thus creating a reliability that makes reviewers’ opinions worth as much as an esteemed critic’s. Users wondering where to eat or which hotel to book use the reviews, photos, and tips that others post to decide which businesses to patronize. Ultimately, Yelp derives its success from its ability to create a community of users. Yelp recognizes this fact by making creating a social network its first move when it expands to other countries. Yelp does this by going beyond other sites that focus on reviews and including friending and following functions that allow

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