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HSC Assessment task 1: Biology Shreya Jain Discuss the role of quarantine in preventing the spread of disease in plants and aims into Australia or across regions of Australia. Use examples in your response. “Quarantine is the controlling of the important or export of animals, plants, and other products for the purpose of controlling the spread of disease.” Unique flora and fauna. Australia’s geographic isolation results in unique, fragile ecosystems susceptible introduced pests and disease, by preventing the entry of or isolating foreign pest and contagious diseases. Quarantine is forced isolation of a diseased organism to control the spread of infectious diseases (viruses, bacteria) establishing in Australia, as they can harm the…show more content…
This prevents entry of foreign pest and/or contagious diseases on imported goods, passengers must declare if they are carrying any food, plant material or animal products or if they have visited a rural area, if one does not comply this will result in heavy fines. Human Quarantine
Captains of aircrafts and ships are required to notify AQIS if passengers or crew display symptoms of prohibited diseases (rabies, yellow fever, avian influenza) Aircrafts are sprayed with insecticide to kill any pests present on the aircraft.
Quarantine measures have been implemented that forbid the movement of fruit across state boarders, these measures are in place to control the spread of fruit flies, which cause severe damage to fruit crops such as bananas. There is the Mediterranean fruit fly in Western Australia and the Queensland fruit fly in the Eastern Australia.
The northern territory, south Australia and Tasmania do not have these pests because of quarantine measures.
Overall, Quarantine practices have been greatly effected due to the rigorous implementation of quarantine practice as most diseases and pests have not been brought to Australia. Each state has its own legislation in order to protect agriculture industries from pest, weeds and diseases between states, since each region has different climatic conditions.
If invaded by P&D it requires expensive control measures, in loss of markets and exports. Also states such as South
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