A Study On Brooklin Boat Yard Essay

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The focus of this document is to describe the work and activities to be completed during my work study within Brooklin Boat Yard over the summer, describe my individual involvement and the projects relevance to the final year within the BEng Yacht and Powercraft Design course. It will outline the work and the learning outcomes to be met based on the YEP 605 unit descriptor and the general course learning outcomes. 1. Placement Details 1.1 Brooklin Boat Yard Located on the Blue Hill Peninsula in the self-appointed “Boat Building Capital of the World,” Brooklin Boat Yard (BBY) was started by a small a group of talented wooden boat builders in 1960 led by designer and craftsman Joel White. Since Joel’s passing in 1996, his son Steve White has lead the yard along with several other in house designers. In the early 2000’s, BBY transitioned their design office from solely an in-house design office to include a support group for external designs being constructed at the yard from several prominent designers including Sparkman & Stephens, Alden and most recently Botin Partners. The current design office employs 2 full time designers (self not included), 2 project managers, and support from Mr. White and other outside sources. 1.2 Dates While attending a graduation at Webb Institute, a former classmate of mine, now an employee at BBY, invited me to work with them for the summer. My employment is scheduled to begin on July 5th, 2016. The basis was a standard 40 hour work week, and
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