A Study On Child And Family Development Essay

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A degree in Child and Family Development is offered through the college of Education & Human Development and opens the door to the social work field with various different career opportunities ("Child and Family Development | Academics | Western Michigan University," n.d.). The ultimate goal of obtaining this degree and working in the social work field is to help improve the quality of life of individuals and their families within a dynamic community. The profession of a Social Worker originated in the 19th century. With the demise of the feudalism, the rising level of poverty was seen as a menace to the social order within a community. The government created the so called Poor Law and implemented a system to provide care for less fortunate and people in need ("What is the History of the Social Work Profession?," n.d.). Over time, the profession grew rapidly, addressing many different aspects of social work. However, in 1915 Dr. Abraham Fletcher, the nation 's leading authority on professional education at the time, questioned social work as a profession as it ' 'lacked specificity, technical skills, or specialized knowledge ' ' ("From Charitable Volunteers to Architects of Social Welfare | University of Michigan School of Social Work," n.d.). Subsequently, the professionalitazion of social work was initiated by focusing on case work and scientific methods. In 1918, the Association of Hospital Social Workers was established and by 1955 the National Association of Social
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