A Study On Children And Children

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A study was done by Piven (1991) where 81 parents of 42 autistic children and 34 parents of 18 Down syndrome children were assessed using a semi structured investigator based version of the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia lifetime Version which estimated the lifetime risk of psychiatric disorder. It was reported that the lifetime prevalence rate of anxiety disorder were significantly greater in patents of autistic children than in parents of down syndrome children. And the lifetime prevalence rate of major depressive disorder, was nor significantly different in cases and controls, but may be high in parents of autistic children in comparison with populations rates .
Dumans, Wolf, Fisman & Culligan (1991) studied parenting stress child behaviour problems and dysphoria in parents of autistic children, down syndrome, behaviour disorders and normal development. 150 families who had children with autism (n=30) , behaviour disorders (n=30), Down Syndrome (n=30) or normal development (n=60)participated in the study. They measured stress with the Parenting Stress Index, child behaviour problems with the Eyberg Child Behaviour Inventory , and dysphoria with the Beck Depression Inventory . They had controlled data for socio demographic differences across groups, and it was established that: (1) Parents of autistic children and behavioural disorder children experienced statistically and clinically higher levels of parenting stress than the

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