A Study On Customer Satisfaction Towards Cellular Services

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A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Cellular Services: An Empirical Study
The booming revolution in Information Technology sector has pushed the India’s telecom market significantly. India has shown tremendous growth in past few years in terms of mobile services. Mobile phones are a vast improvement over the telecommunications technology of the past, and now become an important asset in today’s busy life. Mobile phones have become the necessity in today’s competitive environment to meet the emerging global economy. The breathtaking growth of the telecommunication companies in India over the last twenty years has made a history. The economic resurgence affected in the early 1990s brought around a paradigm shift on the overall business scenario of India. With the arrival of private telecommunication companies in India, the industry observed introduction of mobile phones into the Indian market and it became extremely popular amongst the Indian masses. Customer satisfaction is a personal feeling of either pleasure or disappointment resulting from the evaluation of services provided by an organization to an individual in relation to expectations. Service providers frequently place a higher priority on customer satisfaction, because it has been seen as a prerequisite to customer retention. As a positive outcome of marketing activities, high customer satisfaction leads to repeat visitation to stores, repeat product purchases, and
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