A Study On Data Science

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Exercise 1: Data Science (1 mark) Read the article at http://datascience.berkeley.edu/about/what-is-data-science/ and answer the following: Define Data Science? Answer: Data Science is evolutionary way in some interdisciplinary arenas likewise business analysis which combines statistics, mathematics, modeling, analytics etc. It consists automated methods for extract knowledge. It affects the applied research in various fields which consists robotic, search engines as well as biological science. According to IBM estimation, what is the percent of the data in the world today that has been created in the past two years? Answer: 90% Tis data comes from digital pictures, digital videos, climate information etc. What is the value of petabyte storage? Answer: A petabyte stores 1015 bytes’ data, 1000 tera bytes or 1,000,000 gigabytes data. For each course, both foundation and advanced, you find at http://datascience.berkeley.edu/academics/curriculum/ briefly state (in 2 to 3 lines) what they offer? Based on the given course description as well as from the video. Answer: In data analysis you can arrange many issues like as social science, data science. It is different from computer science. It effects how people lives? What is its meaning from real person and business? Exercise 2: Characteristics of Big Data (2 marks) Read the following research paper from IEEE Xplore Digital Library Ali-ud-din Khan, M.; Uddin, M.F.; Gupta, N., "Seven V 's of Big Data understanding Big

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