A Study On Eating Disorders

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Part 3: The Research Paper
At least “every 62 minutes someone dies” as a direct result from suffering an eating disorder (“EDC 1”). Eating disorders like binge eating, Bulimia, and Anorexia, include strange behaviors when it comes to food.Eating disorders affects their mentality, and how the person visually looks like. Some eating disorders are caused by stress which eventually ends up leading to depression. Many eating disorders are caused because of how the media glorifies them. In all the magazines all the women are extremely thin which causes many women and young adults to get Bulimia, Anorexia or any other types of eating disorders.There is a good percentage of people which are in denial about their eating disorder, because they don 't know about the symptoms. People need to recover from the eating disorder early, or else they get too invested into how they look to themselves and other people around them.
Eating disorders are some of the most common psychiatric problems that affect young women and men, which can eventually kill them. Mentally a lot of young people think that nobody will pay attention to them unless they are different from everybody else. Those with eating disorders feel the need to stand out, because being like everyone else is not an option. Most people with eating disorders eventually get depressed. the depression is usually a side effect of having an eating disorder: “Depression is a condition in which a person feels discouraged, sad, hopeless,…

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