A Study On Eating Pathology Among Latinas Essay

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THEORETICAL PROPOSITIONS There is a lack of studies that investigate the eating pathology among Latinas even though there is evidence that a binge eating component (i.e. binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa) is more prevalent among Latinas compared with other races. For those who are engaged in binge eating tend to have unrealistic high expectations for themselves, which often are difficult to achieve. When the individual, in this case a Latina, has fallen short of these high expectations, they experience negative affect from which she is motivated to binge eat. Dr. Neyland proposed that stressful experiences across three domains of interest: individual, family, and environment. The independent variable of acculturative stress (individual level) is defined as the stress and reduction in health status that one experiences while going under the process of adapting to a different culture. Then for family, there is family disconnection, which is not unique to Latinas but there is a strong emphasis that Latinas place on family relationships. They value it so much that if they experience family disconnection, they would likely be experienced as failure to meet cultural standards. And lastly, there is the environmental factor which is discrimination. Among Latina/os, there is a large amount of reports of discrimination which is believed to have impacted many to have lower self-esteem and a significantly slower growth in self-esteem over time. Neyland hypothesized that

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