A Study On Emergency Management Agencies

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Introduction Emergency Management agencies are sometimes given generous grants to aid in research and apply to the field how they see best fit. This essay will discuss a wealthy donation of $250 million a year and how it would be best applied towards research annually. With competitive grants if the results are not warranting continued income then the grant may be lost and given to a competitor. Even as far back as 80’s in Great Britain and Australia, as well as the US, have seen great projects not being funded due to high levels of competition. Unlike assistance grants awarded by FEMA such as the Assistance Firefighter Grant (AFG) and the 1,800 grants mentioned on firecorps.org, $250 million a year would be a life changing award to any Emergency Manager. (Firecorps.org, 2012) (firegrantshelp.com, 2014) (El Paso County Fire Marshall, 2014) Priorities First the receiver of the grant would have to prioritize the day to day needs in their field and work from there. For discussion purposes the example of an Emergency Manager in the search and rescue field somewhere in a mountainous region at the local to no higher than state level will be the example. A mountainous region such as Colorado Springs is a great example as the environment poses several hazards, to include but not limited to, severe winter weather, tornados, prairie and forest fires, floods and mudslides. The grant would be structured as follows in order of most important first: Upgrade Responders Personal
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