A Study On Fine Food Organization

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1. Introduction Fine food organizations focus on providing quality food produce to a wide range of consumers. In order to do so companies should have implemented a strategic business model followed by efficient operational processes that will achieve company objectives. These processes however may encounter some if not many operational issues and problems (OIP) if not efficiently structured and executed. The aim of this report is to discuss strategic operational issue/problem(s) affecting a fine food organization named Summer Foods due to its newly implemented growth plan, hinting the importance of operations management. This paper consists of three important sections. Firstly, a brief description of the organization will be…show more content…
Located in the Tijuana metropolitan area operating three stores in La Mesa, Centro and San Antonio, the stores are stocked with the finest domestic and imported grocery produce. The owner of the company recently implemented a new plan of contracting with local organic farmers of fresh produce to obtain the finest quality products for customers. His incentive was laid in consumer trends which expects to increase non-GMO sales shares by three fourths of its overall retail sales by 2019 (Progressive Grocer, 2015). Success of this implemented plan depends mainly on the analysis of changes that affected operations management processes, supply chain structure, and quality control systems. Operations management is the process an organization uses to obtain the materials or ideas for the product it provides, the process of transforming them into the product, and the process of providing the final product to a user. (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2005, chap 15). The processes of such an implementation include purchasing, inventory management, forecasting, and merchandise selection and pricing. Summer Foods has three key directors, that of store operations, finance and accounting, and human resources who lead the major functions of operations and develop policies and procedures accordingly. Moreover, a store manager is located in each of the available stores in which they manage the day to day operations
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