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2.1 General
Fish pass [2] is a hydraulic structure which is generally built on or around on obstructions like dams, barrages, weirs, or navigation locks in order to facilitate the natural migration of the fishes. Generally fishways consists of a series of small steps on which the water flows so that the fishes can swim and pass around the obstruction. The working principle of a fishway is attraction of the migrating species to a particular location in the river which is on the downstream side of the obstruction and then enables them to pass upstream. In order to achieve it, either a waterway is opened or the migrating species are entrapped in a tank and then lifted upstream. Figure 3.1: Schematic diagram of a rock ramp fishway [11]

The effectiveness of fish pass is the ease with which the entrance to it can be located and how easily the migrating species can cross it without stress or injury in minimum time. The behaviour of the migrating species plays an important role in the design of the fishways. The performance of the fish passes is dependent on the water velocities and the pattern of flow through it. The water velocity in fish passes must be compatible with the swimming capabilities of the species for which it is designed.

2.2 Types of fish pass
1. Close to nature fish passes
2. Technical fish passes
2.2.1 Close to nature fish passes
The basic idea…

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