A Study On Friday Nights Essay

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Case Study Helen presents as a 45- year-old African American woman who has had a study employment till she got fired a month ago. She demonstrates strength from her honest, courageous, determined, and caring nature. She is open and willing to give counseling a try to help her cope during her difficult time. However, her weakness consists of excessive worry and self-critical due to the fact that she feels like a failure. Yet, Helen demonstrates that her bible reading group on Tuesday nights provides her with support. In addition, she illustrates that visiting her friend which has helped her elevate her mood. Nonetheless, she is facing difficulties with work due to recently losing a job due to making numerous mistakes. In this case, Helen self-referred herself due to various stressors such as job loss and a break-up. The client demonstrates three culturally-linked organizing principles such as environmental, education, support group, and personal lifestyle. Additionally, Helen is articulate and smart. She demonstrates that she well in school and has an active social life. However, Helen’s body language demonstrate she is sleepy due to her difficulties of falling sleeping. Currently, Helen is not taking any medication or has any medical problems. She does not have any history of substance abuse, abuse, or trauma. At the moment, Helen does not demonstrate any family history of substance abuse history, abuse, and trauma. However, Helen demonstrates that her current mood
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