A Study On Gene Therapy Essay

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Gene Therapy I first learned about gene therapy while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Over multiple episodes, Dr. Bailey is trying to cure a child’s lack of immunity with the use of gene therapy, and more specifically with the use of HIV as a gene transfer vector. To make the virus usable, Dr. Bailey disables the virus and uses it for a traveling mechanism. The parents were afraid that disabling the virus would fail, causing their child to be infected with the HIV virus, so they pulled their consent for the operation. Dr. Bailey decided to do the operation anyway because she’s awesome and she knew she could save this child’s life. She risked her career and good standing in the medical field, but she was ultimately successful in curing the child. This sparked my interest in gene therapy and all of the possibilities and progress. (Barnett). Gene therapy is the transfer of nucleic acids to a person’s cell to correct a defective gene or cure a disease. The treatment involves actually replacing faulty genes. In the case of hereditary and other lifetime illnesses, it offers a chance of curing a patient permanently of their ailment. After the corrective genes have been replaced in the gene transfer vehicle, the vehicle is injected into the patient, with ex vivo or in vivo injections (Kumar et al). Gene therapy has been around for over two decades. It has had setbacks, but thanks to the advancement of technology and medical understanding, has become more effective in

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