A Study On Genetically Modified Food

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Arsha Chacko
Dr. Rosann Bar
Anthropology of Food
10 April 2015
Genetically Modified Food
Have you ever thought about the science perspective in the food you eat ? We know science plays a major role in life. Science has made a big change in life throughout the years. Using biotechnology and food contaminations in our food productions, there have been food genetically altered. We know vegetables and other food we buy are bigger in size than usual.We also know the shapes of these vegetables and fruits also look different. We know food production companies and farms inject chemicals into them but we never go into further details understanding why the food we eat is like that. The food we eat are mostly all genetically modified. Genetically Modified foods are used widespread throughout the world. There have been many changes to the food we eat with the use of technology.There has also been differences in the way food is grown and produced. Many foods people buy at grocery stores are genetically modified and people are unaware of that. They are modified to increased longevity ,for greater resistance to pests and viruses, shortening ripen foods and also to make food taste better with higher nutritional values. There are techniques used when food is being genetically modified. A. genetic material (DNA) is altered by adding specific genes. It is through genetic engineering in which the process of artificially modified genes are cut and spliced DNA. Genetic engineering is done to
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