A Study On German Medicine

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Origins Trying to understand how German medicine would culminate in its darkest period from 1933-1945 you must first understand its origins. Proctor thoroughly argues that the foundation of racial hygiene stems from a period when German Social Darwinists were beginning to create a fervor that would spread throughout the country. He notes in his book that the main pervasive idea was that Germany was going to be overrun by a population of poor and indigent people who because of their fast reproduction rates would quickly overtake the country. To protect the moral values of Germany as a whole, racial hygiene evolved to be a wide spread solution to a fearful homogenous Germany. In Weimar Germany in 1927 the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics and Eugenics was created and would become the foundation of Nazi training for SS doctors. 1 Other institutes were created but their main focus was to investigate the heredity of things such as “feeble-mindedness” crime, nervous disorders, cancer, tuberculosis, and other human ailments.”2 More realistically, these were the institutions that would foster prejudice and hate for the German people and planted the seedlings for doctors to quickly abandon their Hippocratic Oaths. Kater touches on Social Darwinism as being a critical element of Rassenkuden but he attributed the main change in medicine to other reasons. He believed that surplus of physicians at the beginning of the Third Reich was the greatest factor.
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