A Study On Gerontology Health Assessment

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Dr. Patricia Benner developed the idea of Novice to Expert scale when discussing how a nurse progresses (Benner, 2011). The stages, in which a nurse advance begins with novice, followed by advanced beginner, competent, proficient, then expert (Benner, 2011).
When I first began nursing, I felt that I was in the novice stage of everything. However, as I have been gaining experience and knowledge, my confidence and skill levels are increasing. There are areas of nursing expertise that are examined individually in a self evaluation, from aesthetic literacy to spiritual development. This paper will help to explain where I feel that I am in my career according to Dr. Patricia Benner’s scale. Aesthetic literacy is a challenge at this time. I would rank myself as an advanced beginner. As an advanced beginner, I have the knowledge, but not the full experience. There was an assignment that challenged me to educate a population on gerontology health assessment. It was a challenge not only to work as a group, but to present an educational forum to other students. This was one of my first group assignments in this program. Working with geriatrics, I felt like I had a good idea, but quickly learned I did not. There were simple things that I would do without explaining or realizing that I was doing them. As I continue, the experience will come. In nursing, critical thinking is crucial in practice. Critical thinking skills help a nurse determine how to manage a shift, patient care and
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